Ascension of the Madonna with the saints. 17th century Antwerp school.

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Ascension of the Madonna with the saints. Antwerp school.

Circle or atelier of Cornelis I Schut (1597-1655, Antwerp).

Mid 17th century.

Size: cm 184 x 135 

In black painted wooden frame. 
Relined and restored few decades ago ( 1970? Circa)

Large-format painting, probably an altarpiece.
Recently a very similar version of the same composition composition has been attributed to the Antwerp painter Cornelis I Schut (1597-1655, Antwerp). Baroque painter, who was influenced by Rubens and Pietro da Cortona.

The difference between the two paintings, most likely made from the same cartoon, lies in the size and less character on the left.

The Madonna is represented seated on the clouds as on a throne, surrounded by rays of light and by the plump angels in dizzying views.