XVII century painting: Sephora at the well.

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Sephora and Jetro's daughters at the well.

French school.
17th century.
Painting signed lower right: “Lafosse. Pinxit 1663 ".
The painting represents 6 daughters of Jetro around a well, Old Testament story. 
In the center, the figure of a woman, Sephora, the future wife of Moses, who will not be accepted by the Jewish people because she is foreign, or perhaps because she is envied for her exceptional beauty.
According to the biblical account, the priest Jetro of Midian had seven daughters.
They came to draw water to fill the troughs and give their father's flock to drink. The women hold in their hands the beautiful old-fashioned jugs, which are often seen on tapestries from the same period as the painting.
The paint has colors that have been very well preserved, with shades of bright blue.
The way of painting is very free, with broad and very expressive brush strokes.