Veneto cretan school. XVI-XVII century. Three wise men.

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Veneto cretan school.

Oil on wood panel.

XVI-XVII century.

Adoration of the Magi. Painted on a fir wood tablet.

Gold highlights: the gifts of the kings, the crown, the stars on the Virgin Mary's dress.

The wooden board is reinforced with a canvas applied on the back, together with the original wooden sleepers.

Probably the wooden board has been thinned to avoid the deformation of the wood over the centuries.

There are old labels.

Venetian Cretan school, born from the merging of the traditions of Greek Orthodox painting and Venetian painting school. Tablets like quests were brought to be painted by Venetian merchants to Greek painters, who settled on the Venetian islands. A large number of painters took refuge there after the Turkish invasions of Byzantium. The Venetian Cretan school was born in the fifteenth century and continued throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.