Early XIX Rare buillotte lamp with winged allegorical figure of Victory

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Large Bouillotte lamp with winged Victory.

Empire period.

Early 19th century


Vera fine quality  lamp in gilded and patinated bronze. Two lights.
The height of the arms can be changed with the help of the arrow-shaped screw that is screwed and unscrewed.

On each arm for the candles is represented a mythological female figure, made with great skill. The figure of the winged Victory rests its feet on a hemisphere, and on a cylindrical column, all finely worked with a geometric decoration.
The perforated tray base with motifs of lancolated arches has a circular shape.

There is a small crack on the back, (see photo.

A very small piece of a finger is missing. A vintage tin lamp is available.

155 cm high

33 cm large