Herme of Maenad: Sevres porcelain. Early 20th century.

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Ménade: herme in Sèvres porcelain.
Beginning of the 20th century.

Author: Le Riche, Jose - Francois - Joseph , who began working at Sevres in 1757 as a pupil of Falconet. In 1780 he became chef of sculpteurs at Sevres under Boizot.

Herme of Maenad in white porcelain biscuit. Sculptures are in the form of  bust that merge at the base, resembling the hermes of Baroque gardens, which imitated those of ancient Rome. 

The bust is a part of the series of busts of divinities, draped in the old style and resting on columns that end in volutes at shoulder height.
On the basis of this female sculpture presents the initials of the trainer ED and the date 1921 with S that stands for SEVRES.