Architectural capriccio with ruins and bridge. 18th century.

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Architectural capriccio with ruins and bridge.  
Second half of the 18th century.  

Oil on canvas. Relined

Size : Large 114 cm
Large-scale painting, oil on canvas, with a fantasy landscape that develops along the river.  
A group of ancient buildings, with plants growing above the arches, Ionic columns and ruined vaults.  Landscape as a whole represents an idealized view, with a character dressed in the manner of peasants, from the eighteenth century.  Overall, the painting has pleasant passages of luminous colors: the turquoise and blue of the mountains at the bottom;  the green of the cypresses, the beige and light terracotta of the buildings.  
The painting has been relined.
There are some tweaks (especially on the margins, where the canvas ends).  It has a very thin frame made with black painted wooden strips