Allegory of lyrical poetry. Muse Terpsichore

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French school of the XVIII-XIX Century, after Francois Boucher - Allegory of Lyrical Poetry, Muse Terpsichore

Oil on canvas - Not signed - XVIII-XIX Century

Allegorical painting.

XVIII - XIX century.

Muse Terpsichore sitting on the clouds with cupids, holding the lyre.

French school.

Oil on canvas.

After engraving "La poésie lyrique" by Claude Augustin Duflos from the series

“Les Quatre Poésies”: Epique, Lyrique, Satirique, Pastorale), after François Boucher (1703–1770), published by Louis Crépy, Paris.

The cupids are burning war tools: ”poetry that wins over the war and hate”.

The most curious detail is the motto written on the tape supported by the doves:


The enigmatic phrase in Latin speaks of the richness of a poetic phrase that contains multiple meanings.

The same sentence, with the same iconography is found in the 1760 Bureau du Roi in Versailles.

The painting and the frame were restored.

There are very few restorations to painting.

In old gilded wooden frame.