Passing by history.

A vaste selection of unique antique pieces is waiting for you.

XVII paintings

Late Renaissance, Mannerist and Baroque paintings. Italian, Flemish, British, Dutch and Spanish... 

XIX-XX century collection

Exclusive collection that includes: Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Impressionism, Art Noveau, Art Deco, Cubism,... 

Antichità di Alina Malova

I've been an antiques collector for more than 20 years and an antiques expert for 25 years with a Masters in Fine Arts.

My collections are vast but with a particular focus on paintings and a recent interest in orientalism, my store offers a variable catalogue of antique pieces.

Multimedia collage

  • Furniture

    Antique and design pieces →

  • Paintings

    Antique paintings: from XV to XX century, old masters, Art Deco, Art nouveau portraits. Rococo and Barocco religious paintings,

    allegorical paintings →

  • Ceramic

    18th century Italy, Royal Copenhagen, XVIII and more →

  • Frames

    Antique wooden frames: carved wood, polychrome wood, marble and more →

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