Passing by history.

A vaste selection of unique antique pieces is waiting for you.

Antichità di Alina Malova

I've been an antiques collector for more than 20 years and an antiques expert for 25 years with a Masters in Fine Arts.

My collections are vast but with a particular focus on paintings and a recent interest in orientalism, my store offers a variable catalogue of antique pieces.

Multimedia collage

  • Furniture

    Antique and design pieces →

  • Paintings

    Antique paintings: from XV to XX century, old masters, Art Deco, Art nouveau portraits. Rococo and Barocco religious paintings,

    allegorical paintings →

  • Ceramic

    18th century Italy, Royal Copenhagen, XVIII and more →

  • Frames

    Antique wooden frames: carved wood, polychrome wood, marble and more →

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